A break is just what I needed!

Thankfully exams are over and its starting to settle in that I only have one more semester of seminary until I'm done with school. It seemed like I would never get to this point but now I have to stop and ask myself if I'm really ready. I think the answer is yes. I've spent the majority of the past week putting together my resume and getting it ready to send out to churches. I've also spent some time reaching out to different state conventions and local associations for contacts that will help me find a church that needs a pastor and is a good fit. I'm looking first in Virginia and Texas since I've enjoyed living in both those states, but I'm open to the possibility of going other places as well.

I got back to Virginia last Tuesday and I'll be here for the rest of December. I'm going back to Kentucky the first week of January to get back with my church there as far as leading worship and a retreat we'll be on in the first weekend of January. But I'm enjoying the break here and trying to use it to get some reading and study done for my personal growth instead of for class - and believe me, there's a huge difference. I'll try and write a few more entries in a next week or so to update everyone on different things. Thanks to everybody who keeps checking back for updates - there are some more on the way!
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