Details on Thailand

Last time, I promised some details on my trip overseas this summer. I'll be traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a missionary conference being held there. From what I know it seems like the IMB brings in missionaries from different parts of the world for this conference. I'll be working with these missionaries' teenagers. It'll be something like a version of the camps where I've worked the last few summers, we'll have Bible Studies and a worship service every day and then some other activities on different days. I'll be leading worship and preaching for the worship service plus other stuff to help out I'm sure.
The theme is sanctification and I'm planning on talking about what it is and what it looks like in our lives and Christians.

Probably my biggest worry is being able to relate to the youth on the trip. Most of them have lived overseas for most of their lives so they have very different experiences than the youth I am used to working with. I'm sure this will be a huge learning experience for me. I am really looking forward to getting to see the other side of missions. I really want my church (when I'm a pastor in another year or so) to focus on and really promote world missions. I feel like I understand the theological side of the need for missions, I just have not been exposed to the 'front lines.' (Not that I'll be on the front lines, but I'll be working with people who live on the front lines.) So I'm sure that I'll learn more than I could ever teach on this trip.

I've gotten my passport and my shots, so most of the basics are taken care of. Now, I'm working on my sermons and the music we'll be doing. Preparing these sermons is something you can pray for. I'm really hoping I can come up with illustrations and applications that these youth will be be able to relate to.

Thats about all I know so far... I appreciate your prayers and I'll try to keep the blog updated as I find out more.
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