Texas, here I come

For Spring Break I'm getting to go back down to Texas. (I went to Dallas Baptist University for college if you didn't know already.) I'll be reading a paper at a conference. I 'm really looking forward to that... Not so much for me reading the paper though. Os Guinness is the keynote speaker for the event so I'll get to hear and probably meet him. That will be great.

I'll also get to see some of my friends from college and some of my professors. And I'm going back to the church where I was a youth intern for 2 years and I'll get to see some of my youth which will be awesome! Its going to be a good week. And no homework on top of that! Life doesn't get much better. I think the toughest decision I'll have to make is what book(s) to take to read on the plane. I think I've narrowed down the choices to Five Views on Sanctification, On Being a Pastor by Alistair Begg, or something in Intelligent Design. I'd take votes if I thought enough people visited the site to make a statistically accurate survey. You can email me if you have advice on that subject. I think its time for bed...

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