On the way home soon

In about 4 hours, I'll be back on airplanes until I'm on the opposite side of the world, back in Louisville. I should get back around 6:00 on Sunday. The trip has been so much fun. The MKs (missionary kids) that we worked with were an incredible group of youth. Some of the most mature teenagers, both socially and spiritually, that I've ever been around and also some of the most fun. We didn't have to worry about watching them every second and they were happy and content with anything we did. There's probably never been a week of my life where I've heard so little complaining as this past week.

I've got tons of pictures from the week and I'll post those when I get back to the US and have a good internet connection. I'll also write a few more blog entries soon about different aspects of the trip: the week with the youth, the night market in Chiang Mai, the elephant camp I visited and some other things. Its been a really good week, like I said. I think I'm ready to come back home to a culture I'm a little more used to also. More to come...
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