GCR Final Report, Components 5, 6, & 7

Components 5, 6, and 7 in the final report remain substantially the same as their corresponding recommendations from the progress report. For these three, I'll summarize briefly and point you back to my post on each of those components from earlier.

Component 5: IMB Allowed to Operate Within North America
This component recommends removing the limitation currently placed on the IMB and its personnel. So as not to step on NAMB's toes, they are not allowed to work in North America (U.S. and Canada). In initially it makes sense, but the problem comes when you consider the vast populations of internationals living here with cultural and language barriers that NAMB is not prepared to cross. This frees the IMB in situations where it would be beneficial, to work with groups like these. For more on this component, see my earlier post, The IMB Without Limits.

Component 6: CP Promotion and Stewardship
This recommendation places the leadership for promotion of the Cooperative Program (CP) and stewardship primarily with the state conventions and away from the SBC Executive Committee. For more in this component, see my earlier post, Stemming the Tide of Duplication.

Component 7: 51% of CP funds to the IMB
The task force wants to see us break the "50 percent barrier". This component redirects 1% of the national CP budget away from the Executive Committee and to international missions. A one percent shift represents around 2 million dollars. For more on this component, see my earlier post, Breaking the 50% Barrier.

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