Quotes on Preaching

The reason most preaching is ignored today is that it deserves to be."

-Alistair Begg

It ought to be taken for granted that the preacher has his Greek Testament.
-A. T. Robertson, The Minister and His Greek New Testament

Definition of expository preaching: "...the faithful explanation and application of the Bible in which the text of Scripture supplies the manner of the preacher's exhortations rather than the preacher using the text as an occasion for his own expostulations, however helpful they may be."
-Ligon Duncan

"If there is no controversy in your ministry, there is probably very little content in your preaching."
-Al Mohler

"If you want to see quick results, the preaching of the Word just might not be the way to go. If you are going to find results in terms of statistics, numbers, and visible response, it just might be that there are other mechanisms, other programs, and other means that will produce that faster. The question is whether it produces Christians."
-Al Mohler

"Sadly, the doctrinal ignorance in the pulpits of today is being replicated in the doctrinal ignorance and indifference of the pews, and the people are not even seeing the picture, much less getting it."
-Al Mohler

"Preaching is the primary means of growth for the local church. There is a great deal of debate about this in our day, but it is the preaching of the Word that God most uses to build up a church, not only numerically but above all (and far more importantly) in spiritual depth and understanding of the people who make up the congregation."
-James Montgomery Boice

"When raising a point from the text, preachers are to ensure that 'it be a truth contained in or grounded on that text,' and 'that the hearers may discern how God teacheth it from thence.'"
-Derek Thomas

"Where the Bible is esteemed as the inspired and inerrant Word of God, preaching can flourish. But where the Bible is treated merely as a record of valuable religious insight, preaching dies.
- John Piper

"All Christian preaching should be the exposition and application of biblical texts. Our authority as preachers sent by God rises and falls with our manifest allegiance to the text of Scripture."
- John Piper

"Lack of intensity in preaching can only communicate that the preacher has never been seriously gripped by the reality of which he speaks - or that the subject matter is insignificant."
- John Piper