Quotes on Theology

If a person says to me, "God told me," I am going to walk away. If he says, "God told me to tell you," I am going to run. If he says, "I sense the Lord is leading me," I will listen.

-John Bisagno (Former Pastor of Houston's FBC)

"The trouble with all translations is that one's mind does not pause long enough over a passage to get the full benefit of the truth contained in it. The Greek compels one to pause over each word long enough for it to fertilize the mind with its rich and fructifying energy.
-A. T. Robertson, The Minister and His Greek New Testament

John Piper's definition of theology: "How does what's said on this page relate to what's said on that page?"

"People today do not like the words of the Bible because they do not like the Bible's God. They say, 'If only God would say something, if only he would speak to me.' But God has spoken. The reason they do not like it is that they do not like Him."
-James Montgomery Boice

"I wonder if you have considered that your god may not be the God of the Bible; that the little inherited god that you got from American evangelicalism just may not be the God of the Bible. I wonder if you have considered that possibility."
-John Piper