Missional Described

Something dawned on me as a wrote about GCR Component #1. I realized how important it is, if we are going to work together from the vision cast by the task force, that we have a common understanding of what it means for us to have a missional approach to our churches and ministry.

A few weeks ago, I preached on What Does it Means to Be Missional? I set up a list of contrasting attitudes between missional thinking and conventional thinking. I thought it may be helpful to post that list here.

Conventional Outlook
Missional Outlook
Sees our community as "home field." Sees our community as a mission field.
Waits for people to come to us. (Welcome mat) Reaches out and meets people where they are.
Assumes people are saved. Assumes people need to hear the gospel.
Sees missionaries as a separate class from the rest of us. Sees every Christian as a missionary.
Attitude of complacency. Attitude of urgency.
Church is mostly same race, same income class. Reaches a cross-section of the community.
Treats "sinners" with contempt. Treats "sinners" with compassion.
Comfort is king - change is the enemy. Mission is king - change is a tool.
Sees value in today's world but lives in history and tradition. Sees value in history and tradition but lives in today's world.
Timid, conservative, mind set on safety and control. Bold, risk-taking, mind set on making an impact.
Gets excited about giving to facility upgrades and maintenence. Gets excited about giving to missions and the spread of the gospel.
Assumes we already know the culture and how to communicate. Studies culture and looks for bridges to cross.

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