State Conventions and the GCR Movement

I'm very thankful that the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina voted to hear and then voted to pass the pro-Great Commission Resurgence resolution I offered from the floor of the convention. If it had not been for that vote, I'm not aware of any official action that we would have been able to point to and say that North Carolina is on board with this vision. After such a historic moment in June at the SBC, I think it was huge that we had something positive come out of our state convention.

Some ot
her states took even greater steps in aligning with the GCR vision:
Several states voted to move to a 50/50 split in Cooperative Program funding—with half staying with the state convention and half being forwarded directly to the national level Cooperative Program: Florida (within 4-7 years), Kentucky (by 2017, with bulk of change in 2011), and Tennessee (by 2012-13) That is a major step and I am actually shocked (but glad!) they took that kind of action so quickly. It should be an indication to other state conventions that it is possible if made a priority.

A huge thank you to all those in these three state that worked to see that happen.

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