Task Force Panel at Southeastern Seminary

I was able to make the trip to Southeastern yesterday with a few other pastors from our association. We went for the Baptist21 Great Commission Resurgence Task Force panel. The discussion was a question and answer format (questions being sent in ahead of time) for task force members. Danny Akin, J. D. Greear, and Al Gilbert were there live with Ronnie Floyd joining by live video feed. Johnny Hunt joined by pre-recorded video (pictured below), as did Al Mohler.

The panel addressed some common concerns that have been raised by the progress report, as well as some statements made by those opposed to the recommendations that have been made. The panel was pretty aggressive in going after what they feel are some misconceptions about their recommendations. They said strongly that their work will not adversely affect work in pioneer states, in fact the whole purpose is to get more resources to areas like that.

They said those who make the charge that the task force's work is political and ignores the need for spiritual awakening have missed a significant part of what the task force has called Southern Baptists to do. (The first 1/3 of progress report focused on this area.)

There's a lot more I'd like to mention. I may go through and give some more detailed descriptions in a later post.

Baptist21 has said they'll get the video up on their site as soon as its available. I'd look for it in the next day or two and I'll update this post with a link to it when its available. I really recommend you watch it if this is an issue you're concerned with.

UPDATE: Video is now available at: http://www.baptisttwentyone.com/?p=4026

In the meantime, check out these two reflections from two people who were also there. Norman Jameson of the North Carolina Biblical Recorder gives a fair and detailed take on the session here. Alvin Reid gives some of his thoughts on revival movements and the role the Great Commission Resurgence and Baptist21 are playing in Southern Baptist life.

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